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Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored gives fans a
window into all of the hilarious secrets that go
into the creation of this brilliant, groundbreaking
and beloved TV show.

In-depth interviews with the creators and crew
reveal how the show goes from concept to script
to screen each week, season to season. The cast
share favorite moments, talk about the evolution
of their characters, and discuss their individual
roads to Will & Grace. There’s also plenty of
scoop on high profile guest stars, recurring
characters, and other interesting personalities
who’ve dated, dumped, crossed, or otherwise
shared airtime with the ensemble.

A lavishly illustrated episode guide discloses lost
scenes, last-minute line changes, and other juicy
details. Packed with stunning pictures, great
lines, and on-screen moments that warrant re-
living again and again. Every fan will want this
book to display on their perfectly appointed
coffee tables.
Finally, the gay and straight worlds can speak the
same language!

Get the inside scoop, go behind the scenes, learn fun
facts and mind-numbing trivia, in these must-have,
must-share new volumes.  Our experts—near
obsessive in their quest for knowledge—provide
sparkling insight in five different categories:  Pop
Culture, Lifestyle, Love & Sex, Travel & Leisure, and
Pride & History.

With their decidedly queer eye, The Q Guides give you
all the stuff you need to know to be in the know.

Four elderly women sharing a house in Florida.  An
unlikely set-up for a television comedy, much less a
classic in the making.  But that’s exactly what
happened with The Golden Girls.  Now, learn the back
story of how this fan favorite came to run for seven
seasons, and why it lives on forever on DVD and in
the hearts of the millions of viewers who still tune in
daily to reruns.

Inside you’ll get:
--Casting secrets!
--Conversations with Bea Arthur, Betty White, and
Rue McClanahan!
--The Top 10 Reasons Why Gays Love the “Girls”!
--The Q-Friendliest Episodes!
--Hunky & Campy Guest Star Alerts!
--Celebrity Surveys!

Featuring exclusive interviews with the creators, stars,
writers, producers, and guest actors, The Q Guide to
The Golden Girls is perfect for reading alone or sharing
with friends.  They’ll thank you for being one.
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