New Orleans:  December 2007
It's a Merry Christmas in the Quarter...
Check out my feature story on New Orleans in the July/August 2008 issue of CBS Watch.
But the struggle to recover continues in other parts of town.
On the remaining section of fence outside a destroyed TV repair shop in the Lower
Ninth Ward, someone has constructed a symbol of hope:  the city's fleur-de-lys
symbol, made up of individual clear plastic bottles filled with colored water.
Unlike in the Lower Ninth, the more
middle-class neighborhood of Lakeview
showed some signs of progress.
Brad Pitt-by-way-of-Christo:  the actor's Make It Right organization begins its building
program by wrapping house-shaped metal skeletons in hot pink fabric "because it
shouts the loudest."  I kept calling this part of the Lower Ninth "Brad Pitt City."
Photographer Erica Berger and me.  This is one of the more in-tact houses in the
Lower Ninth.  Many have clothes, furniture, etc. spilling out of their many holes.  
Photo by Erica Berger)
New Orleans:  Roosters Gone Wild
(Photo by Erica Berger)