Emmy Awards 2006
Los Angeles Outfest 2006
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Comix opening night 9/14/06
Kitty Carlisle Hart opening night 9/26/06

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March 2007
May '07
The Archive of American Television
10th Anniversary Party
L.A. Gay Pride 2007
The Price is Right
My Birthday 2007
New York Premiere of Sci-Fi Network's
"Tin Man," 11/07
My Trip to New Orleans, 12/07
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My Amazing Race Trip to Salvador, Brazil, 4/08
Book Expo America, 6/08
L.A. Gay Pride 2008
CD Release party at Charo's house (!), 6/08
TV Land Awards, 6/08
An Evening with Leslie Jordan, 6/08
My trip to Belo Horizonte and Ouro
Preto, Brazil, 1/09