Essay on the finale of Will & Grace, The Advocate, May 9, 2006
The return of Family Guy, TV Guide, July 4, 2003
Profile of The Sopranos' Denise Borino, TV Guide, March 17, 2001
Selected Clips:
On the set of The Apprentice, InsideTV, May 9, 2005
Dee Snider profile, TV Guide, March 30, 2002
On the road with Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition, InsideTV, May 9, 2005
On the set of Will & Grace (Jack's office), InsideTV, May 30, 2005
Queer Duck, TV Guide, February 10, 2001
Fawlty Towers cafe, TV Guide, June 28, 2003
Jerry Stiller on Festivus ice cream, TV Guide, December 9, 2000
The Simpsons live in Montreal, TV Guide, July 13, 2002
That '80s Show, TV Guide, January 19, 2002
Hogan Knows Best at home, InsideTV, August 29, 2005
On the set of Boston Legal, InsideTV, October 31, 2005
On the set of One Tree Hill, InsideTV, November 14, 2005
Other Writing Clips / Press
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April 2007
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Exec Wendi Trilling, Watch!, October 2007
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Tassler, Watch!, October 2007
The Aussie Invasion of CBS, Watch!, October 2007
A Sneak Peek at Fall CBS Shows, Watch!, October 2007
Virginia Madsen talks about Botox and Juvederm, Quick & Simple, November 6, 2007
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Profile of and host Lindsay Campbell, Watch!, December 2007
Promoting CBS shows on the web, Watch!, December 2007
David Caruso cover story, Watch!, December 2007
On Marie Osmond and Dancing with the Stars, Quick & Simple,  December 25, 2007
- January 1, 2008
On Christy Turlington and her anti-smoking campaign,
Quick & Simple
,  December 2007
What to get the CBS stars for Christmas, Watch!, December 2007
Oh, Baby!  Pregnancies on TV, Watch!, February 2008
Everybody Loves The I Love Lucy DVD Box Set, Watch!, February 2008
Profile of Rachael Ray, Quick & Simple,  March 11, 2008
"Swept Away":  Networks relying less on Sweeps stunts, Watch!, April 2008
"TAWK This Way":  CBS stars hiding their British accents, Watch!, April 2008
"The DVR Revolution":  How DVRs affect our viewing, Watch!, April 2008
"Fade Out":  The disappearance of the TV theme song, Watch!, April 2008
Cover profile of Melina Kanakaredes, Watch!, April 2008
Real-life inspirations of How I Met Your Mother:" an interview with Carter
Bays and Craig Thomas, Watch!, April 2008
On location with Cold Case in Philadelphia, Watch!, April 2008
Parenting Styles of Sitcom Parents, Watch!, June 2008
The Best Series Finales, Watch!, June 2008
"The Hit Man":  A Tribute to Alan Wagner, Watch!, June 2008
"All The World's a Screen":  Selling US Programs Abroad, Watch!, June 2008
Remembering Square Pegs, Watch!, June 2008
Eva LaRue talks about ovarian cancer prevention, Quick & Simple, July 1, 2008
Remembering Frank's Place, Watch!, August 2008
Traveling to Patagonia, Watch!, October 2008
TV's All-Time Greatest Guest Star Appearances, Watch!, October 2008
Cover profile on Simon Baker and The Mentalist, Watch!, October 2008
CBS Fall Preview 2008-09:  Worst Week, The Mentalist, Gary Unmarried,
Eleventh Hour
, The Ex List, Watch!, October 2008
Remembering WKRP in Cincinnati, Watch!, October 2008
The Luke & Noah romance on As The World Turns, Watch!, October 2008
TV For Your Tree:  TV-Themed Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Gift Guide,
TV Guide
, November 17-23, 2008
Forensic Shift: Laurence Fishburne takes over for William Petersen on CSI,
Watch!, December 2008
Living Dreams: TV's Greatest Dream Sequences, Watch!, December 2008
On the Road with The Amazing Race 13 in Salvador, Brazil, Watch!,
December 2008
The Dream Sequences of The Twilight Zone, Watch!, December 2008
Now Hiring:  Personal Publicist, Watch!, December 2008
TV's Greatest Political-Themed Shows, Watch!, February 2009
Meet the newest CSI Investigator, Lauren Lee Smith, Watch!, February 2009
William Petersen's All-Time Best CSI Episodes, Watch!, February 2009
Now Hiring:  Child Star, Watch!, February 2009
As The World Turns:  The Man from Oakdale book, Watch!, February 2009
Meet CBS News' 3 newest political commentators, Watch!, February 2009